#LeadLikeMrsGaynor with Acts of Kindness on December 20

December 20 marks an important date in our community as we come together to celebrate the life and legacy of Lavern Gaynor through acts of service and kindness. Lal, as she was known to her close friends, left an indelible mark on children and families during her lifetime. Acknowledged for her generous philanthropy, Mrs. Gaynor was even more loved for her generosity of spirit. Education was at the top of the list of her personal causes, and she never backed down from a challenge. This December 20, her birthday, we invite everyone to #LeadLikeMrsGaynor by committing to any act of kindness, however small, because they add up to big meaning.

What does kindness look like to you? It can be something directly helping the community. Throughout the Southwest Florida region, we have benefited from so much of that sort of aid throughout the pandemic and, earlier this fall, following Hurricane Ian. In more day-to-day ways, Collier County is driven by the passionate volunteers who keep our nonprofit organizations running and needs met. If you’re interested in exploring volunteer opportunities locally, Future Ready Collier maintains a list of organizations who rely on volunteers and how to contact them – for adults as well as students! Check out the Get Involved page on Future Ready Collier’s website.

Kindness can show up in our daily actions, as well. Take the time to say thank you with an extra smile. Do your shopping at a locally owned business. Send a note of appreciation to someone who has been on your mind, telling them what they mean to you. Do an unasked favor for someone in your life. Particularly in this season of giving, when we are all distracted by busy schedules, to-do lists, family commitments, and end-of-year deadlines, take a moment to give of your time and attention, and find how you are rewarded for that small effort.

At Future Ready Collier, we live Mrs. Gaynor’s vision daily, supported directly by her commitment to charity but also motivated by her sincere desire to make a difference, and her belief in the importance of collaboration to get the job done. On December 20th, let’s all join in celebrating her impact through one positive interaction and lesson of leadership at a time. You are invited to join the party by sharing your acts of kindness on social media with the tag #LeadLikeMrsGaynor.