School Success

What We Have Learned

In 2020, it was determined that Future Ready Collier needed an additional goal specific to school-age years. The launch of this goal was delayed, however, due to pandemic circumstances. Future Ready Collier is now poised to fully enact the K-12 School Success Goal as a bridge in our cradle-to-career efforts, with a focus on elementary and middle school. There is significant enthusiasm within the existing network for the School Success Goal as a necessary next step in the evolution of Future Ready Collier.

Goal: Ensure all youth are provided support during their elementary and middle school years.

The School Success Goal Group is composed of staff and volunteer leaders from organizations aligning work and building strategies together, focused on the following collective priorities:

  1. Gather information around critical interventions in literacy and ways to increase proficiency in literacy for children in elementary and middle school
  2. Engage partners to understand out-of-school time information to support learning through enrichment
  3. Gain knowledge around student and family supports in multiple areas including mental health

Looking for more?

Check out Resources for the Community with links to partners working on health & wellness, literacy, school support, and much more!

Goal Group Co-Chairs

All individuals and organizations interested in these topics meet quarterly to address community barriers and opportunities. Goal Groups are led voluntarily by experienced community leaders who facilitate, organize, and lead collaboration.

Lisa Morse
Director of Community Engagement & District Initiatives
Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) 
Jim Ragusa
Senior Director of Early Childhood Education
Guadalupe Center
Bob Spano
Vice President of Programs
Guadalupe Center

Priority Teams

In between the quarterly Goal Group meetings, the discussion may need to continue around specific topics. We call these Priority Teams, members of which meet monthly or as needed. Priority Teams have volunteer leaders to facilitate the discussions and report back to the Goal Group. For School Success, these topics and team leads currently include…

Activity & Out of School Programming
Emily Kafle, CCPS
Literacy Supports
Lisa Morse, CCPS
Family & Student Supports
Jim Ragusa, Guadalupe Center