School Success

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What We Have Learned

While a lot of attention is rightly paid to helping younger children get ready to start formal education, and to preparing high school graduates for their next steps in school or career, it is also highly important to have the right systems and supports in place for students in elementary and middle school, including literacy focused resources. Future Ready Collier is dedicated to doing just that, bringing together best practices, resources, and ideas from across the network.

It can be complicated to determine how best to serve such a diverse set of students in terms of age, academic progression, and personal need. In keeping to its mission to measure data points, in order to inform appropriate action, Future Ready Collier partners assess the metrics and milestones that tell the story of school success.

Considerations, in addition to grade-level performance, include students’ resiliency, mental health, and personal development. A focus on how students thrive in the classroom also warrants bearing in mind how students spend their time outside of school hours and parent engagement. Key partners in the community include out-of-school time providers, healthcare providers, and organizations focused on families. All these components overlap to contribute to school success.

Goal: Ensure all youth are provided support during their elementary and middle school years.

The Literacy Action Team, Parent Engagement Action Team, and Out-of-School Time Action Team are directly aligned to support the Student Success goal. Action Teams are composed of staff & volunteer leaders from organizations aligning work and building strategies together, focused on the following priorities:

  • Increase proficiency in literacy for children in early learning, elementary and middle school.
  • Engage families with tools and resources to support the development and education of their children.
  • Connect families to quality extended and out-of-school time providers through coordinated and connected sharing of information and resources.
The School Success Goal Group is composed of staff and volunteer leaders from organizations aligning work and building strategies together, focused on the following collective priorities:
  • Gather information around critical interventions in literacy and ways to increase proficiency in literacy for children in elementary and middle school
  • Engage partners to understand out-of-school time information to support learning through enrichment
  • Gain knowledge around student and family supports in multiple areas including mental health

Action Team Co-Chairs

All individuals and organizations interested in these topics meet quarterly to address community barriers and opportunities. Action Teams are voluntarily-led by experienced community leaders who facilitate, organize, and lead collaboration.


Karen Harmon, Room to Read

Marcie Curry, Grace Place for Children and Families

Parent Engagement

Krissy Yanes, NAMI Collier

Dr. Dayana Philippi, Echo Ed

Out-of-School Time

Emily Kafle, Collier County Public Schools

Bob Spano, Guadalupe Center