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Our Community is Responsible for our future success

Everyone can be part of this effort. You can act individually by taking on a future-ready mindset and engaging your friends, colleagues and family members.

  • Invite us to speak to your group or organization.
  • Attend a Roundtable to contribute to the community conversation.
  • Volunteer through one of our partner organizations.
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Volunteer Opportunities

What better way to get involved with Future Ready Collier than to volunteer with one of our partner organizations?

Click on an organization below to see available opportunities.

Contact: Mary Politzotto at

Opportunity: Book Sorting at school district warehouse
Nine times a year 8000-10,000 books are sent from our Ft Myers facility to the School District warehouse where volunteers make sure that the Title I Elementary schools get the correct number of books needed for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes.  This requires opening boxes, counting books and placing those books on a new pallet ready for delivery.  Each session is 2 hours.

Opportunity: Book sorting at school district at our Ft. Myers warehouse
Twice a year there is a big sort at a warehouse in Ft. Myers.  Multiple pallets of books need to be organized for future distributions of particular titles which will eventually go to pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd grade children and our Beat Summer Slide program.  Each session is 2 hours plus 1/12 hours round trip travel from Naples to Ft. Myers.

Opportunity: Help label books
Each month a set of books is sent to each of 25 public schools and 7 other sites.  The contact for each building is responsible for counting out books for each classroom and affixing a book plate to each book. Since some schools receive more than 400 books each month, help is needed in individual schools to affix the labels.  Commitment is 2 to 3 hours a month.

Contact: Pamela Caruso at or 239-325-1714

Opportunity: Several
Boys & Girls Club believes in the value that volunteers add to the well-being and development of their members. Volunteers serve as role models, influencing their members and helping them achieve their mission: To enable all young people, especially those who need us the most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club of Collier County gives you the opportunity to build relationships with members. In as little as one or two hours per week, you can provide critical support to our members, counselors, teachers, and staff. Opportunities include: Athletic Coaches, Classroom Assistants, Carpentry Instructors, Fine Art Assistants, Homework Helpers, Mentors, Reading Coaches, Stem Assistants, Technology Teachers, and more!

Contact: James Giles, Exploring Executive at or 239-207-5366

Opportunity: Volunteer in a Post
Are you passionate about your industry, business, or career? Do you want to connect young people with opportunities to better themselves? Becoming an Exploring volunteer is both easy and rewarding. You can schedule your role to meet your own needs while making a big impact. Volunteers are trained, background checked and provided the tools required to be successful in their role as an Exploring volunteer. Possible roles in Exploring include: Volunteer in an existing Exploring Post, Help Start a Post in your industry, Coordinate participation in community event(s), School liaison, Coordinate “super activities” by posts, Liaison with posts to insure proper support, and Exploring Officers’ Association.

Contact: Kristin Peras, Director of Community Engagement at or 239-263-5783

Opportunity: Mentoring
Help a high-school student stay on track for personal and professional success by becoming a mentor. Mentors are excellent listeners and trusted advocates, not tutors. Meet with your mentee over lunch on school grounds, or at Champions For Learning office at least 15 times within one academic year. Seasonal residents welcome!

Opportunity: College and Career Coach
Have an interest or skill you’d like to teach high-school students? Volunteers work with our staff to facilitate a workshop as part of our College & Career Preparation Program curriculum. From resume building to networking skills, test prep, etiquette, or career exploration – we’d love to utilize your skill set!

Opportunity: Conversation Leader
Each spring, we invite parents, teachers, businessmen/women, and more to sit down together to discuss timely education topics in Collier County at a Community Roundtable. Tables are hosted by Conversation Leaders, a volunteer who facilitates an inclusive and productive conversation. Those interested will work with our staff to receive training prior to the Roundtable.

Contact: Kimberly Komorny, Director of Fundraising and Events at or 239-643-3908

Opportunity: Literacy Volunteer
CCCR understands the impact that reading has on the future academic success of the children we served, aged 1 to 5. We also appreciate the benefit that volunteers provide to our early learning teachers and the children at our early childhood education centers. We are looking for volunteers to partner up with a classroom and read to the children. Volunteers can assist on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on availability.

Opportunity: Group Projects Volunteer
CCCR understands the importance of incorporating arts and science in early childhood education and the effect it has on the social-emotional and academic development of our students, aged 1 to 5. We also appreciate the great benefit that volunteers provide to our early learning teachers and the children at our early childhood education centers. We need volunteers to assist our early learning teachers with various arts and science group projects and activities to enrich the children’s learning experiences. Volunteers can assist on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on availability.

Contact: Jennifer Lanza, Volunteer Coordinator at

Opportunity: Classroom Volunteer
The classroom volunteer provides teacher reinforcement by assisting with tasks in many different categories, clerical work, arts and crafts, reading groups, room clean up, and organization. As a classroom volunteer, you allow the teacher more professional time to spend with their class and/or individual students (Level 1 and Level 2).

Opportunity: Special Enrichment Resource Speaker
The special enrichment resource speaker is someone who speaks to classes or groups on topics related to occupations or community interest. Based on their background they can share their experiences and knowledge with students and staff. These visitors may be businessmen, medical professionals, lawyers and public safety workers (Resource Speaker acknowledgment letter required).

Opportunity: Entrepreneurship
In this opportunity, you will be able to assist students as they go through the Entrepreneurship process in various ways. A Team or Student Mentor works regularly with individual or small group of students to design and implement business projects. A School Champion works regularly with a classroom teacher to secure business mentors and speakers. A Coach works with the class to serve as an expert on a variety of topics, including business and marketing, based on the preferred area.

Contact: or call 239-935-6186

Opportunity: Literacy Buddies
Each school year, the Early Learning Coalition sponsors the Literacy Buddy Program which provides children with books to take home and share with their families. The program also encourages them to express themselves through correspondence with their adult buddy. Children come to school better prepared to learn when they interact with adults who regularly read, write and talk with them.

Contact: Barbara Tyrrell, Executive Director at or 239-261-8284

Opportunity: Skills-based Educational Experiences Delivery System (SEEDS)
Volunteer to work with a child one on one to enhance their literacy skills. Session are focused on oral language development and usage. Fun Time provides volunteers with a bag each week that includes books and materials for you to use during your session along with pre-planned activities. Opportunities are available between November and April each year.

Contact:Dawn Pike, Community Manager at or 239-776-0508

Opportunity: Troop Leader
Guide a group of girls in the Girl Scout Program. Work with other adults to ensure the safety of girls and business of the troop is supported while the girls develop confidence and character and work to make the world a better place.

Opportunity: Troop Co-Leader
Mentor a group of girls. Work in partnership with troop leader to ensure the safety and business of the troop is supporting policy and that the girls develop confidence and character as they experience Girl Scout program.

Contact: Ann Johnston at 239-260-1718 or go to

Opportunity: Floor or Library Volunteer
Interact with visitors, family, and children. Assist with education/learning with interactive exhibits. Help prepare materials for educational programs. During regular C’mon hours.

Contact: Chrissie Guzman, Volunteer Experience Manager at or 239-234-2467
Learn about more opportunities to volunteer at

Opportunity: Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Program
Assist in our one, two, three or four-year-old classrooms. Drive the small bus to pick up moms and children for classes. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday mornings (times vary), at Grace Place.

Opportunity: Academy of Leaders K-12 After-School Program
Assist with homework, reading partners, math or mentoring. Assist in the computer lab, wellness activities or academic lessons. Provide a special lesson in art, music, gardening, science, hobbies or special interests. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, afternoon (times vary).

Contact: Joanna Rivera, Payroll Coordinator/HR Generalist at or 239-963-3764

Opportunity: Youth Sports Coach
The Y needs volunteers to help coach youth sports. You’ll volunteer with the Sports Director, helping kids learn how to play and enjoy sports. As a coach, you’ll have the opportunity to be a role model as you help kids develop self-confidence while teaching sportsmanship and the fundamentals of the sport.

Opportunity: Mentors and Tutors
Through creative activities and guided homework sessions, you can help a child develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. Volunteers provide one-on-one mentoring and tutoring for students.

Contact: Kelly Hammer, Director of Community Engagement at or 239-657-7158

Opportunity: Tutor Corps Mentor
Mentor a college-bound Immokalee High School student enrolled in Guadalupe Center’s Tutor Corps Program. Offer advice, support, and a listening ear; communication is mainly by text, phone and email; time commitment depends on the mentor’s and the student’s schedules. Required events organized by Guadalupe Center include a mentor/mentee/ parent dinner at iTech in Immokalee in November or January, a cultural event in Naples in February, and a beach picnic in the spring in Naples or Marco Island. Mentor handbook provide upon request.

Opportunity: Be a Big Buddy for a Day
Accompany 2nd graders from Guadalupe Center’s After-school Program through a variety of outdoor activity stations at Hideaway Beach, Marco Island; 10am-3pm; Date TBD each year.

Opportunity: Guadalupe Center Resale Shop Volunteer
Duties include cashier, customer service, pricing of art, housewares, clothing and linens, sorting items, staging displays; strong volunteers are needed for moving items into the showrooms and accepting furniture donations. The Shop is located in North Naples, 12980 Tamiami Tr., south of Wiggins Pass Road. Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10am—5pm and Sat. 10am—4pm

Contact: Sydney Riethman, Program Manager at or 239-225-2590

Opportunity: K-12 Classroom Programs
Junior Achievement of SWFL is an organization dedicated to giving students in our community the skills they need to prepare and excel in the working world. In the three primary areas of financial literacy, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship, Junior Achievements K-12 classroom programs are volunteer lead and allows volunteers the opportunity to share their personal and professional experiences with the students within the community. For a time investment of one hour a week, or a few hours one day, you may be the difference between a young person in your community just making ends meet or getting a more fulfilling career and life. All materials and lessons are crafted & provided to teachers and volunteers free of cost, and brief training will take place prior to your class.

Contact: Shoshahna Dorfman, Director of Family Programs at or 239-262-4448

Opportunity: Children & Parents Reading Together
Trained tutors teach the parents of 4 and 5-year old Head Start preschool children how to read books to their children in Collier County Public Schools. Then the children join the class for literacy activities with their parent. The purposes of this program are to instill a love of reading when shared between parent and child; empower parents to be involved in their children’s education; and to improve the English skills of the children and their parents. Three eight-week sessions are held during the school year. Volunteers may choose one, two, or all three sessions. The classes are held in the afternoon.

Opportunity: Families Learning English
Volunteer tutors teach the parents of elementary school children English while their children are in school. The parents may need to take young children with them to these classes. Other volunteers care for the toddlers, teaching them English while playing age-appropriate games to engage them in learning. Benefits of this program include introducing the toddlers to the education environment and improving their English skills. Improving the English of school-age children’s parents helps these parents attain better employment, participate in their child’s education, and become a vital member of their community.

Opportunity: ESOL Tutoring/Classes, Math Tutoring, and Citizenship Preparation for Parents of K-12 Children & Residents of Collier County
Literacy Volunteers of Collier County (LVCC) provides an array of educational programs, and tutoring services to Collier residents 16 years or older. Trained tutors teach individuals to improve their language skills following the Florida Department of Education Adult ESOL Curriculum Framework. The Citizenship Preparation Course is a six-week program offered throughout the year to help individuals achieve their goal of becoming US citizens. The Math Tutoring program is available free of charge to all CCPS students 16 years and older. We also offer the Workplace Literacy Program working with local businesses to help their employees perform better in their jobs. Courses are customized to meet the needs of the specific businesses and employees.  We provide opportunities for parents to be involved in their children’s education; and to improve the English skills. The class/ tutor sessions schedule is flexible based on the needs of the students.

Contact: Gloria Padilla, Area Coordinator at or 239-658-3600

Opportunity: Engaging, reading and talking with children at RCMA Childcare Centers
During the first three years of a child’s life, 85 percent of brain development occurs. Studies reveal there is as much as a 30 million word gap among poor children entering kindergarten when compared to those who come from more affluent circumstances. Volunteers are needed to augment RCMA’s teachers by increasing the levels of stimulating interaction between children and adults.

Opportunity: Reading activities with K-3rd grade students at Immokalee Community School
Reading is fundamental for students to reach academic success. We are confident all our students can succeed, although some require the extra time and attention to help them build their confidence and skill. Our reading volunteers work one-on-one with students to help our struggling students build vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Contact: Michelle Kennedy, Volunteer and Mentor Coordinator at or 239-657-2461

Opportunity: Mentoring
Our middle school and high school students benefit from the guidance and support of caring, compassionate adults who meet with their mentee for one hour per week. Meetings are held at The Immokalee Foundation office, Immokalee Middle School, and Immokalee High School or through e-mentoring (virtual platform).  A background check and fingerprints are required.

Opportunity: Career Development
Guest speakers are needed for our career panels and professional development workshops. Volunteers can also host a career panel/job shadowing day at their place of employment.

Contact: Tami Wellford, Volunteer and Resource Manager at or 239-775-3862 ext 215

Opportunity: Direct Service Volunteer
Complete a 30-hour training, held at The Shelter, and qualify to volunteer as staff support in our Emergency Shelter, childcare, after school or in survivor group sessions.

Contact: Brooke Spencer, Program Director at or 239-333-9502

Opportunity: Volunteer Coordinator
The mission of a volunteer coordinator is to ensure Wellfit Girls has enough volunteers to fulfill its service mission. To meet that goal, the volunteer coordinator performs a variety of duties including recruitment, training, volunteer management and training.