Future Ready Collier Releases 2020 Annual Update

2020 annual update cover screenshot

Future Ready Collier has released its 2020 Annual Update. The report tracks long-term data trends, and provides updates on the network’s overall goals and initiatives. Click here to read the report. Access all published Future Ready Collier reports and updates here

The Year of COVID

The 2020 Annual Update acknowledges this as the year of COVID. Just as after Hurricane Irma but significantly magnified, the collaboration proved essential. Partners shared resources, time, and support. Students and families received meals, electronic devices, and necessary information. Organizational leaders relied on each other to weigh best practices and adaptations. Future Ready Collier facilitated and enabled these connections and efforts by bringing together the stakeholders in a meaningful, communicative context.

Data Tracking

Data trends remain largely positive year over year, despite the challenges of the 2019-2020 academic year. As a reminder, Future Ready Collier’s goals include: getting all children ready for kindergarten, and helping our young people graduate ready. This expansive mission encompasses children of all ages and their families. While kindergarten readiness remains an area of primary interest for improvement, more successful developmental screening referrals and more accredited and rated early learning centers show important movement. High school graduates rates, FAFSA completions, and the percent of students participating in work-based learning are also all good indicators.

Capacity and Collaboration

The network continues its internal focus on capacity and collaboration. Intentional alignment between Future Ready Collier and the Collier County Public Schools signals an important community evolution. CCPS’ strategic plan specifically references Future Ready Collier. Overall, capacity expands to better reach those in need and achieve collective impact. Within the broader objectives, workgroups focus on more detailed priorities. Undoubtedly, COVID disrupted some of that work, as organizations necessarily turned their entire attention to more immediate needs. But work continues, underscoring the long-term commitment of the group, and perceived value.

Future Ready Collier is positioned to continue growing and serving collaboratively. To learn more, please contact us.





Prepared by Caroline Ridgway of C1B1 Communications.