Future Ready Collier Case Study Released

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A recent comprehensive case study explores Future Ready Collier’s history, goals and drivers, network, reasons for success, and long-term direction. As a collective impact network of more than 60 Collier County education providers, organizations, and supporters, Future Ready Collier works to ensure all children enter kindergarten ready, and all high school students graduate with a plan for continuing education or a career. This case study provides a high-level analysis of the components that keep the network and its mission on track.

A Local Initiative

Future Ready Collier is a true local initiative. Prior to its formal naming, community stakeholders, including leading funding agencies, the Greater Naples Chamber, and education organizations shared conversations over multiple yeas about needs within Collier County. The county is large, and diverse, with a single public school district encompassing nearly 50,000 students. Increasing focus on educational opportunities and support would have multiple advantages. Principally, students, as well as their families, would directly benefit from collaborative engagement. Secondarily, the regional workforce and economy are enhanced.

The Network

The network includes members with a broad range of interests. The Collier County Public School District is heavily involved, as are early learning providers and local universities, so the entire spectrum of childhood learning into early adulthood is represented. Funders, businesses, and other community stakeholders participate, recognizing the importance of education in a geographic area that extends well beyond classroom-based metrics. Helping students helps their immediate families, their extended networks, employers, and on and on.

Data Tracking

As a part of its mission, Future Ready Collier tracks certain key data points around childhood development and school success. A case study evolved as a natural extension of that prioritization. It is helpful to take an objective look at what is working, what may need to be modified, and where attention and resources may need to be reallocated. For a group of highly committed, very busy community leaders, it is also important to take a step back at the larger picture of what has been achieved.

Learn More and Join

The case study complements other publications produced by and about Future Ready Collier. All documents and other resources are housed on Future Ready Collier’s website, for easy reference. Anyone with an interest in education, and its extensive influence on the community in so many ways, is invited to learn more about Future Ready Collier. New members are welcome to the network. Participation in Future Ready Collier meetings and efforts is voluntary. Future Ready Collier’s primary role is as a facilitator and convener, bringing together all the necessary ideas, resources, and person-power to achieve such ambitious goals.





Prepared by Caroline Ridgway of C1B1 Communications.