Collier County CARES Funding Distributions and Applications

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Collier County has announced its plans for distributing funding received through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Those eligible to apply include: nonprofits, hospitals, nursing homes, community health care and public safety assistance providers; licensed childcare facilities; individuals needing help with past-due rent, mortgage, utilities and childcare; and small businesses to relaunch and rehire. Application deadlines for Collier County CARES support vary by category. PPE kits may be included in requests and distributions. Future Ready Collier is committed to sharing important information like this with the community. Please alert anyone who may be in need and eligible. 

Nonprofits and Healthcare Providers

Any 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) nonprofit may apply for funding. Applications are currently open, and the deadline for such organizations to apply is noon on August 10. Click here to begin your application. Documentation of the applying entity’s legal status is required. Funds are intended for COVID-related expenses not otherwise covered by insurance or assistance. Examples include: expanding social services to affected populations, community education, public safety medical expenses, reimbursement of emergency operating expenses, and on-site safety and sanitization efforts. Healthcare providers may have additional needs, such as medical transportation, rapid test kits, telemedicine expansion, and tracing and data collection. Read more about specifics, including excluded expenses.

Child Care Facilities

Licensed adult and child care facilities can apply. Applications will open on August 10 and close at noon on August 24. Submissions will be required to include supporting documentation. There is a maximum dollar amount of $5 million allocated for care facilities, which will be distributed based on the order in which qualifying applications are received and approved, though there is no cap on the amount individual entities may request. Funds are primarily intended to support rehiring or adding personnel, facilities management like sanitization and additional measures for social distancing, PPE, and marketing to notify the public your center is open and in CDC compliance. Read more here.

Individual and Household Need

Applications for individuals needing help with past-due rent, mortgage, utilities and childcare expenses are open on August 17 through noon on August 31. There is a cap on the amount each individual or household can receive, and there are income eligibility limitations. Loss of income and expenses incurred must be demonstrated to be directly related to COVID, and not otherwise covered by outside assistance. To learn more about the recommendations and requirements, click here.

Small Businesses

Small businesses with 50 full-time equivalent employees or fewer may apply for support to help with relevant business expenses caused by COVID-related closures, such as rent, wages, and bills. Expenses already covered by insurance or other assistance will not be considered. This funding is taxable, considered part of the public record, and grants are capped at $25,000. For information about the types of businesses specifically considered, and those excluded, please read more here.

Food Banks and Pantries

Nonprofit food banks and food pantries with a physical location in Collier County and 501(c)(3) tax status may be eligible for help. Applications will be administered through the Community Foundation of Collier County. Funding is designated for needs such as storage, food, personnel, marketing, technology, sanitization and cleaning, and transportation. Documentation will be required. More information is available here.

PPE Requests

For any organization requesting PPE, be aware that Collier County will do its best to equitably distribute available kits based on need. Kits are designed to include 500 masks, 50 face shields, 10 pairs of eye goggles, 2 gallon-size hand sanitizers, 2 containers of wipes, 300 gloves, and 2 infrared thermometers. If you request materials outside this standard kit, the County will consider and may be able to accommodate depending on need and reasonableness. The number of kits distributed will be roughly relative to the number of employees at an organization, and is a one-time program. For more frequently asked questions and information about PPE specifically, click here.




Prepared by Caroline Ridgway of C1B1 Communications.