Summer Recommendations for Students and Families

boy running through sprinklers

It’s summer in Collier County! What does that mean for Collier County students and families? Of course, enjoying the time off from school, and also using that time to get ready for the school year ahead. For the 2022-2023 Collier County Public Schools academic year, teachers will report back to classrooms on August 3, and students arrive on August 10. There’s a lot to fit into those weeks between dismissal and the first day of school. Here, we offer some summer recommendations for students and families.

Collier County Public School Registration

CCPS reminds all families to complete free online student registration as soon as possible. CCPS launched this online registration system during the pandemic to make it easier for families to register their children without having to go to the administrative office. The system welcomes registration for all grade levels. Be sure to remember that CCPS online registration is free, and people can help with any questions you have. Through its CCPS partners, Future Ready Collier wants all families to be aware that, if someone offers to help you with registration for a fee, don’t accept!

All information about CCPS online registration is available through their dedicated website. This includes what information and documents may be required, and tutorial videos in English, Spanish, and Creole. For help with this website, please email or call (239) 377-0574.

School Physicals and Immunizations

As a part of student registration, families need to be sure to get their children appropriate physical examsfrom a qualified medical provider, including required school immunizations. The Collier County Department of health has information about childhood immunizations required for school on their website. Also, the Vaccines for Children program is free for children up to 18 years of age who meet certain criteria, including one of the following: enrolled in Medicaid, Medipass, or Medicaid HMOs; has no health insurance; has health insurance but vaccines are not covered; is American Indian or Alaskan Native. If your child needs required vaccinations for school, contact the Department of Health at (239) 252-8595 for information or to make an appointment.

Another local resource for medical services for children is Healthcare Network, which runs community health centers and clinics throughout Collier County. Their services include full children’s care like well-child and physical check-ups, immunizations, and many different kinds of health and wellness screenings such as hearing and vision. Healthcare Network offers sliding scale payments, and families don’t have to have a job or insurance to be seen by a doctor. For information about Healthcare Network’s children’s medical and health services, call (239) 658-3000.

Stay Safe

While kids are on the go and having fun during the summer, the NCH Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition of Collier County wants to keep all our children safe and well. For example, their website has many resources and a lot of information about water safety. Families can look up where to find swimming lessons locally, how to practice water safety with infants, and how to keep an eye out for, and get out of if you get caught in, rip currents at the beach. Other safety topics on their website include safe infant sleep, childhood nutrition, and other concerns.

Resources at the Library

Families may also want to visit their local Collier County Public Library for all kinds of support and fun. The library offers access to books and learning opportunities for children of all ages, beginning with early learning from infancy through kindergarten, and running through the teen years. They can point you to books, book lists, tutoring help, useful websites, and more. Children, teens, and adults can sign up for summer reading programs. Check your local library’s schedule for things like story time and other engaging, interactive free events. Being a member of the library can even get you access to additional local activities, like free access during a special promotional period to the Naples Botanical Garden, or get passes to Florida state parks.

The summer months in Collier County are a little bit slower paced, but with plenty of opportunities for children and families to speed up their shared learning, engagement, and experiences. Future Ready Collierworks with its community partners to help share helpful information. If you would like to learn more about the collective impact network and its work, or if you have resources to share, please contact




Prepared by Caroline Ridgway of C1B1 Communications.