Introducing a Free, Online FAFSA Tutorial

Young people in computer lab

This video tutorial helps walk high school students and their families through the step-by-step process of completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application. Each year, FAFSA applications open on October 1. Students are encouraged to submit as soon as possible for the greatest access to available financial aid and scholarships. Students and their families may view this free, online tutorial as many times as needed.

The video has been produced by Champions For Learning, and is available through the Champions For Learning website and viewable on YouTube for easy access. The tutorial includes information about what materials and documents you will need to apply, and takes you visually through each step on the FAFSA website. With the right preparation, and a little time spent, the FAFSA can be easily completed.

Champions For Learning is united with Future Ready Collier, along with the Collier County Public Schools, and Florida College Access Network, to help high school students achieve their academic and career goals. Students who have not yet completed a FAFSA application may still do so, and are strongly encouraged to submit, even if they are unsure about their post-graduation plans. FAFSA completion helps students access not just federal financial aid, but also merit-based and athletic scholarships, and additional opportunities for scholarship.


Content contributed by Champions For Learning.