Future Ready Collier Introduces New Website Resources

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As a community-based collective impact network, Future Ready Collier appreciates the critical importance of having the right information, at the right time, in the hands of the people who need it. Recently, Future Ready Collier undertook major website reorganization. The new Resources pages enable users to more easily find what is useful to them. Web pages are specific to Family Resources, Partner Resources, and Reports and Data.

Community Need for Information

From its earliest days, Future Ready Collier has been committed to tracking data and sharing information. Knowing the specifics of what is going on inside our schools and throughout our community means both effort and resources can be better targeted. However, information is only helpful if people can get access to it, and understand how to use it. To that end, Future Ready Collier identified opportunities to redesign how key resources are digitally housed and organized within our website.

We worked with our partners and gathered important links to create a centralized source. Consistent with Future Ready Collier’s own goals, there are topics related to early learning through to post-high school and career. Important, connected subjects like healthcare are also included. Future Ready Collier wants to give students and families as well as its valued network members a reliable and easy-to-use digital location to find the right help.

Website Resources

A ‘Resources’ landing page is a centralized starting point. This page is directly linked at the top of the Future Ready Collier website. From here, clearly marked buttons take users to one of three individual pages: Family Resources, Partner Resources, and Reports & Data.

Family Resources include the Kindergarten Readiness Toolkit, College and Career Readiness Toolkit, and a searchable list of various community resources arranged by category. Categories include: Career, Collier County Public Schools, Community Support, Early Learning, Financial Aid, Healthcare Resources, High School, Literacy Support, Parent Cafes, and University and Technical Training. Clickable drop-down menus within each category include, in most cases, direct hyperlinks, or other helpful details. The page design is easily managed so that new, helpful information or categories can be added. Of equal importance, information that is out-of-date can be changed or removed.

Partner Resources describe Future Ready Collier’s workgroup priorities, and include branding guidelines and logos for partner use. The Reports & Data page includes: the three annual reports or updates Future Ready Collier has issued in 2018, 2019, and 2020; the Early Education Cost Study; and Mapping Collier County: An Early Learning Systems Landscape Analysis.

Future Ready Collier hopes all its network partners along with members of the community will explore these new website pages. As new information is added, Future Ready Collier will share those updates publicly through website announcements and Facebook. Moreover, please share these resources with anyone who may find them beneficial.




Prepared by Caroline Ridgway of C1B1 Communications.