Collier County Public Schools Earn State “A” Rating

boy with two thumbs up

Future Ready Collier offers its congratulations to the Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) on again being awarded an “A” rating from the Florida Department of Education. While ratings were paused during the pandemic, CCPS has otherwise received A-level ratings consecutively since 2017. Among the top five districts throughout the state of Florida, CCPS is consistently acknowledged for its performance, supporting students across distinct areas of measurement.

Of the 21 areas of assessment, CCPS bested state averages in each one. Importantly, no individual school within the district earned a D or F designation, 18 improved their ratings from the last time they were evaluated, and 29 (57% of the total 51 individual CCPS schools) were awarded As for their efforts. Only four other statewide districts have also earned A ratings consecutively since 2017. So, this is an impressive honor for CCPS, made possible because of the dedication and skill of the teachers, administrators, counselors, coaches, bus drivers, mentors, and everyone who keep the schools running on a day-to-day basis.

Areas of focus include a variety of outcomes for schools and students. Academically, state assessments consider how students are achieving in the classroom and demonstrating gains in learning. Graduation rates are a key figure. CCPS has shown excellent performance in high school graduation over the years. For the class of 2021, 92.6% of eligible 4-year students graduated, better than the statewide rate of 90.1%. Even more worthy of applause, this reflects an increase of 20.1% since 2011 for CCPS. CCPS is especially proud of this continued improvement in light of such difficult circumstances in recent years.

Additionally, the schools work hard to support students’ abilities to accelerate in their learning and personal growth, and there is a strong interest in identifying those students who may need any more intensive or specialized help. In this respect, the Future Ready Collier (FRC) network has contributed meaningfully to CCPS’ progression. CCPS is a committed partner to FRC, regularly sharing its expertise and personnel with the broader collective impact network to explore best practices, coordinate resources, and create the most supportive possible circumstances for students both during and outside of the school day and school year.

FRC’s affiliation with CCPS has been key to the network’s establishment and expansion in the Collier County community. Tracking data from year to year is a core commitment, knowing that regular, reliable assessment is a vital part of any long-term plan. For other data points and information related to educational trends in Collier County, please refer to Future Ready Collier’s annual report updates.




Prepared by Caroline Ridgway of C1B1 Communications.