Mind Your Mind Speakers Series: Children’s Mental Health

In 2022, David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health (DLC) launched the community initiative, Mind Your Mind. This initiative invites individuals to prioritize their wellbeing, while also addressing the wellbeing of their family, friends, neighbors, and community. On February 15, expert panelists from within the community will convene to discuss essential services and supports related to children’s mental health.

DLC invites you to join the Mind Your Mind Speakers Series as a component of the overall Mind Your Mind initiative, which also includes regular email newsletters and other communications and opportunities to get involved. Each event will focus on an important and relevant topic related to behavioral healthcare, including Workplace Wellness, Children’s Mental Health, Veteran Services, and Overall Wellbeing. 

Hear from industry experts, share best practices, and learn more information about how to not only address behavioral healthcare needs, but access resources and services. This speaker’s series is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the topic and who has an interest in investing in and supporting behavioral healthcare for all.  

DLC Children's Mental Health_MYM Speakers SeriesOn February 15, from 11:30am to 1:30pm, hosted at the Naples Therapeutic Riding Center, a panel of expert speakers will speak about children’s mental health as the latest installment of the Mind Your Mind series. The presentation and conversation will be about the importance of mental health as a component of children’s overall wellness, and how mental health relates to physical health and supports success in school and throughout their social and personal development.

Panelists and specific discussion topics include:

Jessica Liria, Community Outreach Specialist, David Lawrence Centers, will present on prevention tips and Mental Health First Aid. 

Dr. Courtney Whitt, PH.D., Integrated Care Psychologist, Healthcare Network of SWFL, will provide an overview of common children’s mental health concerns and warning signs.

Carolyn Staley-Penix, CCPS, will present on CCPS data and mental health in the schools.

For more information on tickets or sponsorship opportunity, please click here or contact Fundraising Coordinator, Briana Shipe Karaszi at donorcare@dlcenters.org or 239-354-1419.