Free Help with FSA ID and FAFSA

handing diploma

To apply for most financial aid and scholarships, students need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student AID. More commonly called by its acronym, FAFSA is an online form that qualifies students for money to help pay for school beyond high school. The FSA ID is the first step to finish before filling out the FAFSA. While they seem complicated and intimidating, there is free help for both.

Champions For Learning keeps free electronic resources on its website for both FSA ID and FAFSA. A step-by-step FAFSA guide is offered in English and with Spanish subtitles. There are also still two more FAFSA completion events scheduled for October. Future Ready Collier partners with Champions For Learning, the Collier County Public School District, FutureMakers Coalition, and others to help students and families get the information they need.

There are other local opportunities to apply for scholarship. Starting on November 1, the Collier County Community Foundation accepts submissions to its Scholarship Connector. One common application opens access to more than 80 possible scholarships. Applications are sorted based on eligibility for each individual scholarship. This application and the FAFSA require some of the same financial information. You can help yourself out by starting to gather that information before you apply.

A new FAFSA is needed for each year of post-high school education. So, if you are in college or university this year, and plan to return next year, you’ll still need to complete a financial aid application before the end of this school year. But don’t wait! The sooner you apply, the better. Earlier applicants have the most access to available funding support.