Future Ready Collier Roundtable

Future Ready Collier Roundtable | Future Ready Collier - Naples, Florida

Join us for the upcoming Roundtable organized by Champions For Learning on April 26th to learn about the progress of Future Ready Collier and share your perspective on what it will take for our next generation to develop the foundational skills they will need to be successful in the workplace and life.

Pre-reception/Check-in is from 4 – 5 pm and the Roundtable session is 5 – 7 pm at Hodges University. We encourage business people, community members, educators, students and parents to join in this discussion to help our community through developing the next generation.

We look forward to hearing your insights and feedback as we prepare our next generation to be Future Ready Collier.

This opportunity is provided by our community with no cost, but we do request that you pre-register.