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Future Ready Collier?

A network of organizations, businesses, schools and community members working to ensure every child in Collier County, Florida, is ready for Kindergarten, and every young person enters adulthood with a vision and plan to accomplish that vision.

Future Ready Collier is the Collier partner for the regional FutureMakers Coalition, seeking to transform the Southwest Florida workforce by increasing the number of college degrees, certificates or other high-quality credentials from 27 percent to 55 percent by 2025.


Future Ready Collier?

Most communities, including Collier County, have a variety of programs and institutions targeted toward children and youth at different ages and stages. The time is now to strengthen partnerships to leverage improvements in education and the community to deepen our collective capacity to build and sustain a dynamic economy that works for everyone. Working together toward some specific community-wide goals will leverage resources to really move the needle for children and families in our community.

The future of our community is only as strong as the next generations. Let’s all be Future Ready Collier.

Ensure All Children are Kindergarten Ready

Engage families with tools and resources to support the early development of their children.

Improve the quality of existing early childhood education providers.

Increase the number of high quality early childhood education spots available to low-income families.

Identify and/or develop appropriate data indicators for early learning goal and priorities.

Ensure all young people are career ready by graduating high school on track to obtain a degree or credential

Increase the % of students completing the FAFSA.

Develop and connect community strategies to keep students engaged in school and on-track for college and career readiness.

Provide community-based internships for 100% of career academy and other interested students.

Develop local strategies to connect students to ongoing community-based support in post-secondary experiences.

Our Story

In Collier County, many great organizations have worked diligently every day to support families, young people, the schools and others through their programs. Some organizations were bringing partners together and leveraging resources to maximize the impact of their initiatives, or within geographies. But few connected or coordinated their efforts against larger, community-wide goals.

In 2015, an opportunity emerged to do more for children and families through coordinated efforts. Starting with new leadership at key organizations (Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, Naples Children & Education Foundation, Community Foundation of Collier County) connected to collaborative efforts at Champions For Learning and Collier County Public Schools, and a spark was created.

What would it look like if we started to learn and understand the entire picture of results for all children in Collier and figured out how to work together to do more?

That conversation has led to almost 60 organizations working together to ensure every child is Future Ready, through concrete goals and strategies that are aligned and leveraged across organizations.

Get Involved

Everyone can be part of this effort.  Teams are working on system level improvements to strengthen and expand supports for families and young people.  You can act individually by taking on a future ready mindset and engaging your friends, colleagues and family members.

  • Invite us to speak to your group
  • Attend a Roundtable to contribute to the conversation
  • Stay well-informed on opportunities and resources to share with others—follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
  • Volunteer with our partner organizations, click here for a list of opportunities
Who Is This For?

Everyone can be part of this effort.

Watch for specific ideas for things you can do. Teams are working on system level improvements to strengthen and expand supports for families and young people. You can also act individually by taking on a future ready mindset and engaging your friends, colleagues, workers and family members about what they need to do to be future ready.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller

Sustaining Support Provided By:

Measuring Success


Ensure all children are Kindergarten ready.

  • Percentage ready on district iReady assessment on entry
  • Percentage ready on State-established readiness assessment
  • Increase percentage of Collier children ages 0-4 identified and supported for developmental progress
  • Increase percentage of low-income families participating in programs/supports.
  • Increase number of accredited/high-quality child care slots.
  • Increase resources available to support early childhood development.
are NOT ready for Kindergarten
low income children (0-4) are not in a program

Ensure all young people are career ready by graduating high school on track to obtain a degree or credential

  • Increase in high school graduation rate
  • Increase percentage of high school students completing the FAFSA.
  • 100% of interested high school students participate in a structured meaningful work experience (an internship).
  • Reduce number of students off track in middle and high school. (Reports of average number of students flagged in early warning system)
  • Increase percentage of Collier graduates in post-secondary who have 1-year of credit within 2 years. (National Clearinghouse data – standard view of likely persistence)
of 25-64 year-olds have completed a two year degree or more (2015)
of seniors completed the FAFSA (2016-17)
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